OSTraining Rollout Services

We help companies rollout large software deployments.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the challenge of rolling out new software to your team or your clients? You're not alone. Managers in charge of rollouts have to worry about the software, the contractors, the bosses, the users and 101 other variables.

OSTraining can help. We make sure that the users are happy, and that they understand your new software.

Our Rollout Services provide world-class training, documentation, and support.

We've worked with organizations that need to introduce Drupal, WordPress and Joomla deployments to thousands of users. Our rollout assistance, live onsite training, custom video training, documentation, and support has saved those organizations, and their suppliers, many headaches.

Let OSTraining's Rollout Services take care of training and supporting your users. You can focus on getting the software rollout right, and keeping your bosses happy.

Who are Rollout Services for?

Some typical customers:

  • A large university who was standardizing on Drupal and needed to train thousands of end-users.
  • One of the largest state governments in the US, who needed to train the staff at many different agencies.
  • A large pharmaceutical company with staff around the world, all of whom were new to Drupal.
  • Digital Agencies of all sizes. 

They all had enterprise-level deployments that needed a custom training and support solution.

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What's included in our Rollout Services?

Your Team Gains A Rollout Pro

One of our Rollout training experts will start working with your team and learning about your deployment 2-3 months before your scheduled date. He or she will evaluate the skill level of the users, study the custom modules, plugins, or extensions, study the complexity of the front end, and will begin designing the training and support the Rollout will need.

Live Onsite Training

For 10 years, we've provided in-person training to some of the largest companies and goverment organizations in the world. Our expert teachers having been prepared by our Rollout Pro, come to your organization and walk the different levels of users through everything they need to know about the new software.

These live sessions dramatically increase the buy-in from your organization as you get the team together, having fun, and learning about the path forward.

Custom Video Training

Our Rollout expert will determine if your solutions warrant custom training videos. Our video trainers will then work with your developers to create the training videos they will need. These affordable videos, available 24/7, will convince them that this new software is worth using. 

Custom Documentation

Not all training needs to be in a video format. Many companies need accurate documentation. OSTraining is ready to help. We've written documentation for many large enterprise rollouts. We've written several technical books that have become best-sellers thanks to their plain English, step-by-step instructions, and high-quality graphics.

A Huge Library of Video Training

OSTraining has the largest Drupal training library in the world. You'll find 1,000's of videos that cover all aspects of your platform. In addition, there are videos on many fundamental webdesign topics such as HTML, CSS and SEO. You can instantly provide all this training to your users. Each user gets his or her own login to keep track of the videos they have seen and to be able to ask questions.

Ongoing Support - Tailored to your Rollout

Your users and staff members need fast answers. They're busy people who want to solve a problem and move on with their day. 

Our stellar support staff will be trained to support the custom solutions included in your deployment in order to provide quick, hand-holding support to your users using a state-of-the-art and secure support ticketing system. 


An Acquia Training Partner Since 2010

Our Enterprise-Level Drupal expertise is second-to-none. OSTraining created the training videos for Acquia Academy and is responsible for Acquia's training materials. Our team of dedicated Rollout Pro's has helped dozens of companies to rollout Drupal to their staff. Here are some of the Drupal Enterprise rollouts we have assisted with:


Eastman Chemical

Georgia Tech

...and many others.

We make your rollouts easy, helping minimize headaches for your team and maximum value to your solutions.



You can trust OSTraining. These successful organizations do:

The White House is an OSTraining client

Apple is an OSTraining client

Harvard is an OSTraining client

World Bank is an OSTraining client

Yale is an OSTraining client

MIT is an OSTraining client