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The OSTraining Podcast #4: Olivier Karfis and WooCommerce Apps

In this episode, I talk with Olivier Karfis who runs, a successful site teaching people how to speak French.

Olivier uses WooCommerce as a platform for digital downloads, and increasingly for mobile and desktop apps, based on the WordPress API.

This episode touches on several issues we love to talk about: teaching, e-commerce, traveling and how to constantly re-invent and re-invigorate your career.

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The OSTraining Podcast #3: Justin Sternberg and CMB2

In the third episode of the OSTraining podcast I talk with Justin Sternberg.

Justin started painting houses and is now the lead developer behind CMB2, the framework with powers hundreds of successful WordPress plugins.

We feature CMB2 heavily in the new class, "How to Develop WordPress Plugins". I used CMB2 to power a new WordPress project management plugin called UpStream, and can highly recomend it.

I chat with Justin about his career, and why you should use CMB2 for your WordPress development.

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The OSTraining Podcast #2: Matt Medeiros

In the second episode of the OSTraining podcast I talk with Matt Medeiros.

We recently launched a new WordPress plugin called PublishPress. I woke up one morning, and Matt had posted a detailed video review of the plugin. It was completely unexpected and offered some great feedback.

That's how Matt rolls. He has built his career and being friendly, helpful and social. He shares everything he learns and as a result has carved out an enviable niche for himself. We talk about how he started working in a car dealership, and slowly transitioned into tech. Check out for everything that Matt does.

One thing worth noting: a couple of days after recording this espiode, Matt joined Pagely.

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The OSTraining Podcast #1: David Bisset and WordCamp Miami

In the first episode of the OSTraining podcast I talk with David Bisset of WordCamp Miami.

David runs one of the most popular WordCamps in the world. WordCamp Miami is going into it's 10th year and attracts over 800 attendees.

David talks about how he grew WordCamp Miami, how it impacted his career, and what his team is planning for the event's annniversary year.

In addition to running a great event, David's an excellent follow on Twitter.

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| Podcasting
Say Hello to the OSTraining Podcast

I've had the pleasure of being in the open source world for around 15 years and meeting some incredible people.

Today is the debut of the OSTraining Podcast (subscribe here on iTunes).

I'm opening my book of contacts and chatting with fascinating people across the open source world.

The focus is on how people's careers change, mutate and lead them to places they never expected.

Many of the guests started their careers a million miles away from the tech world, and almost accidentally become experts in WordPress, Drupal, and other open source platforms.

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The Wright Framework for Joomla Templates

Wright is bootstrapped, responsive and lightweight. It's the best Joomla framework you'll find anywhere.

In this week's class, "The Wright Framework for Joomla templates", you'll learn how to use Wright to quickly create your own custom Joomla templates.

Simon Kloostra shows you how to install Wright and use Wright's default styles to quickly set up your template. You'll learn how Wright provides you with many of the Bootstrap's key features and components. You'll also be able to safely customize your template using custom CSS and PHP files that won't be overrridden during any updates.

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| Joomla
JCal Pro Color Settings Explained

JCal Pro is the premier events calendar for Joomla with a beautiful front end display. By default, JCal Pro assigns the same color to all events categories and events. So, all the categories and events will look the same.

JCal Pro allows you to easily set a unique color for every category instead of the default one. This new category color will be passed to the category events as well. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set your preferred color to all events categories. 

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Using Images as Backgrounds with CSS

As a new web designer, one very skill you'll need to master is using background images.

Depending on the design, you may need to completely fill a CSS container with an image, or sometimes the image will just partially fill the container.

In this post, we’ll show you three examples, using the CSS tag background-size.

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Today, we're delighted to launch Joomla 3 Explained.

This is a completely updated version of the best-selling and best-reviewed Joomla 3 book.

The book covers all the new features in Joomla 3.7, including custom fields.

Using Joomla 3 Explained, you can master Joomla 3 by using step-by-step examples. 

The book walks you through a complete site-build, using a city called "Joomlaville". You start by planning the site, then you build out content and fields, before moving on to templates, extensions and site management.

Joomla 3 Explained has been used by 10,000's of readers, from individuals learning on their on, to students in university courses and Joomla Day classes. 

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| Drupal
Using the Drupal Theme Developer Module

There is one module that makes designing for Drupal 7 much, much easier: Theme Developer.

You can think of Theme Developer as a Drupal-specific version of Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools. Using Theme developer you can click on any element of your Drupal site and get a breakdown of how it was built.

Theme Developer has some downsides: it's not been updated in a while, and (like anything related to the Devel module) shouldn't be used on live sites. But, it can still be a useful tool for Drupal 7 themers.

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| WordPress
A Guided Tour of WordPress's wp-config.php File

The single most important file in your entire WordPress Installation is wp-config.php.

Your WordPress website is made up of two elements: a WordPress database, and your WordPress files.

wp-config.php is the one element that links the database and files together.

In this tutorial, we're going to cover:

  • Where you can locate your wp-config.php file.
  • What each line affects and common settings.
  • How you can use wp-config.php to improve your website security.

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How to Use Ecwid for eCommerce Sites

If you want to set up an online store, and don't want to set up a new website, then Ecwid is a great solution. Ecwid has everything you need to set up an e-commerce store, from products and categories to payments and shipping.

Once your store is created, you can embed Ecwid products (or your whole store) as simply as you would embed a YouTube video. This enables you to easily use Ecwid with Drupal, Joomla or WordPress.

This week we released a big expansion to our Ecwid class. There are now 13 new videos in "How to Use Ecwid for eCommerce Sites". Watch this videos and you'll be able to rapidly set up your store with Ecwid.

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| Drupal
Creating Printer-friendly Versions of Drupal Articles

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add a "Printer-friendly version" button to your Drupal articles. This produces a super-clean version of your article, with any of the site design.

The main reason you'd want to do this is a courtesy for your readers. Many still print things they read online and you don't want them to waste that expensive printer ink just to print your logo and theme as well as the article.

Without this solution, you'd likely need to create a separate CSS file with styles specifically for the printed page.  Fortunately, the "Printer, email and PDF versions" Drupal community module makes this much easier. It will automatically create a printer-friendly version of each article

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| Drupal

How to Use Tokens in Drupal FieldsToken is one of the 3 most popular modules in Drupal.

It allows you to use small placeholders to automatically complete tasks.

To take a simple example, if you put [site:name] on your site, it will be replaced by the actual name of your site. To take a more complicated example, you can use Token together with the Pathauto module to automatically create URL patterns for your whole site.

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| Drupal

One of our members wanted to automatically fill in Drupal fields from another node.

It took a little experimentation, but we managed to make it work using the Token, Token Filter and Entity Reference modules.

This technique works for nodes, but it should allow you to automatically popular field using data from users, comment or any other entity.

Before you begin, follow these steps to enable tokens in Drupal fields. You must allow tokens inside fields before this tutorial will work.

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| WordPress
Using WordPress as a Static Website

We teach many different types of software. No matter what we teach, students often arrive with ideas about the sofware.

Our job is to convince them they're wrong. Some people believe Drupal is too difficult. Many people believe WordPress is just for blogs.

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you that WordPress can be used to build an ordinary website with static pages.

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