Breeze - A Free Joomla Template

breeze-new-logoBreeze is a Joomla template that is really, really easy to use.

We use Breeze as an example in many of our Joomla video classes.

Where do I get Breeze?

Download Breeze

Using Breeze

To add icons, Rokcandy extension makes the work easier.

What is there to know about Breeze?

Breeze got its name because it's so speedy and lightweight that installing it is a "breeze".
  • Breeze is our teaching template. We use it in many of our classes.
  • Breeze will feature as the main template in the upcoming Joomla 3 Explained book.

Using Breeze

  1. Upload Breeze
  2. Upload your logo
  3. Select the colors
  4. Enjoy your new template! It's that easy!

Setup the main menu

  • Go the Module Manager and open the Main Menu module.
  • Set position: menu
  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • Delete everything in the Menu Class Suffix field.
  • Change the Alternative Layout to Main Menu.
  • Click Save

Is anything else to know?

Breeze comes in blue, but you can choose any color you want via the admin panel.

Breeze is based on Joomla's default Protostar template, and uses Bootstrap's CSS.


Breeze is completely responsive: