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How to Show a Menu Item Only When Logged In

One of our OSTraining members was wondering how to set up a WordPress menu item so that only subscribers could view it.

He wasn't sure if it could be done with the WordPress core or if it required a plugin.

This tutorial shows you how to control the visibility of menu items based on logged-in status or access group. Let's get started...

Install Power Menus

Hiding a menu item based on logged-in status does require a plugin in WordPress. We'll use the Power Menus plugin, which was designed for this purpose.

If you're not sure how to install a plugin, use our Install WordPress Plugins tutorial.

Before using Power Menus

Without the plugin, the only options for a WordPress menu item are:

Show a WordPress Menu Item Only When Logged In

After using Power Menus

With the plugin, we're now able to select if we want it to be visible to logged in users only or just to certain user roles.


It's as easy as that. The plugin does a great job integrating with the WordPress UI and makes it simple to hide menu items.


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