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One of our students wanted to know how to run multiple local Wordpress sites on a Mac using MAMP, so we created this tutorial for him.

1) Download and Install MAMP


Go to http://www.mamp.info/en/downloads/index.html and download the latest version of MAMP.

Once the download has completed, double-click on the file to start the installation. Note: The downloaded file may be zipped (compressed) depending on which browser (and its settings) you used to download, so you may have to double-click twice (once to unzip and once to start the installation).


Follow the installation instructions which will install MAMP on your Mac.

2) Start MAMP


Navigate to Applications > MAMP folder > MAMP icon.


MAMP will start automatically and a welcome screen page will display.

  • If any of the statuses are red, please post in our support forum and one of our support techs will help you get things working as they should.
  • Please note that the user is "root" and the password is "root", while the host is "localhost".

3) Create the Database


On your MAMP control panel, click the "Open start page" button.


Click the phpMyAdmin link.


In the "Create new database" field, enter the name of the database. In the example, I have chosen "site1".  Then click the "Create" button.

4) Download WordPress


Go to http://wordpress.org/download/ and download the latest WordPress version.

5) Move the WordPress Files to MAMP's htdocs Folder


Copy the downloaded "wordpress" folder by right-clicking on the folder then selecting "Copy wordpress".

Note: The downloaded file may be zipped (compressed) depending on which browser (and its settings) you used to download, so you may have to double-click on the file to unzip its contents before coping.


Navigate to Applications > MAMP folder > htdocs folder

Paste the "wordpress" folder by right-clicking within the htdocs folder then selecting "Paste Item".

Note: You can rename the "wordpress" fold if you would like. In web development, it's standard practice to not add spaces, capitals, or special characters in folder names. Keeping this standard will make sure everything works as it should.

6) Install Wordpress


In your browser, navigate to http://localhost:8888/wordpress/ .

Note: Replace "wordpress" with whatever you renamed the folder to in step 5.


Read the instructions, then click the "Create a Configuration File" button.



Read the instructions, then click the "Let's go!" button.



Read the instructions, then enter:

  1. Database Name (you created this in step 3)
  2. Username: root
  3. Password: root
  4. Database Host: localhost
  5. Table Prefix (put random two or three letters before the underscore)

Click "Submit".



Click "Run the install".


Fill in the fields appropriately then click "Install WordPress".

That's it! You're done! Congratulations! Now you can log in and start using WordPress.

Installing Multiple Sites

To install more sites in MAMP, just repeat steps 3 through 6 as many times as needed.


About the author

Nick is the Director of Support at OSTraining and you can find him in almost every area of the site, from answering support requests and account questions to creating tutorials and software.