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better wordpress minifyBetter WordPress Minify is a plugin that reduces the loading time of your website by compressing the Javascript and CSS code. Much of these files is taken up by empty space and line breaks, and removing those can make your files smaller and faster. To remove these items is to "minify" your files.

In this short tutorial, you'll see how to use the Better WordPress Minify plugin to speed up your WordPress site.

Upload and install

  • In your admin area, go to Plugins > Add New
  • In the Search field type "Better WordPress Minify" and click Search Pugins.
  • Find Better WordPress Minify > click Install Now.
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  • Activate the plugin.

That's it! Now your site will load faster. If you go to your public site and check the source code (Ctrl + U) you will discover how the plugin merge many of the CSS and Javascript files and load them as single files.

More Options

In your admin area, go to BWF Minify and check the available extra settings. Of course, change those settings to your needs only if you know what you are doing.

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