Google PageSpeed Service: Making Your Site Faster 

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google pagespeedI design and develop Joomla sites professionally. I work with many hosting companies and created a site about Joomla Hosting to discuss many of them.

During my work I've used almost every CDN, from Akamai, NetDNA and CloudFlare to MaxCDN, CacheFly and others. I'm always looking to make sites faster.

Needless to say I was very interested when I was approved for a new website performance service from Google called PageSpeed Service.

What is Google Page Speed Service?


When the browser requests a page, the request is made to the PageSpeed Service (PSS). The PSS then requests the page from your server, reorganizes and compresses the files and images and serves it to the browser. By using the PSS, the page is delivered to the browser in a way where it loads faster than if the page was delivered directly from your server.

This is a pretty high level explanation, here is a 3 minute video explaining how it works in more detail:


  • Pages are dynamically optimized so they load faster
  • Faster perceived load times
  • Reduces load on your server
  • Excellent suite of tools for improving your site
  • Service provided by Google


  • Limited beta, you have to apply to be accepted.
  • Does not work with bare domains.  
  • No word on how long the free trial will last
  • No word on how expensive the service will be
  • Service provided by Google

You will notice that it is both a Pro & Con that the service is from Google. Since Google created it it will be first rated and work very well on Google's secure and very fast network architecture. The downside is that it could be discontinued at any time or the terms of the program changed.

PageSpeed Service In Action

Using the WebPageTest compare feature you can see the improvements that can be made to OSTraining by clicking here.

Without PSS loads in 4.4 seconds, with PSS the site loads in 1.3 seconds. More importantly the top of the page is displayed faster so the visitor has less to wait before starting to read the page

Further Reading and Helpful Resources

As of now we are seeing good results on the sites we that have PSS enabled. We will continue to test and monitor to see if this is the fastest easiest service to implement.

Have you worked with Google PageSpeed Service?

Do you have any experience with other site optimizers or CDNs?  

If you have put your experiences in the comments, I love hearing about what works and what doesn't.

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