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wordpress-seoWe're delighted to launch our latest class, "WordPress SEO".

WordPress is a fantastic platform for building your website or blog. By default, WordPress does a good job of search engine optimization, but there's a lot more that can be done!

In this course, Dan Maynard takes you through a number of steps to go even further!

Dan has seen his WordPress sites rank very highly in SEO on a consistent basis and is excited to share the lessons he's learned with you

An introductory video from the class

WordPress SEO class syllabus


  • Introduction to WordPress SEO  
  • On-Page Optimization  

All-in-One Plugin   

  • All-in-One SEO Plugin - Part 1  
  • All-in-One SEO Plugin - Part 2  

Yoast Plugin

  • SEO Plugin from Yoast - Installation  
  • SEO Plugin from Yoast - Titles and Metatags  
  • SEO Plugin from Yoast - Social Networking  
  • SEO Plugin from Yoast - Permalinks  
  • SEO Plugin from Yoast - Breadcrumbs  
  • SEO Plugin from Yoast - RSS Feeds  
  • SEO Plugin from Yoast - Importing Data  
  • SEO Plugin from Yoast - Edit Files  

Built-in SEO  

  • Pings and Permalinks  
  • Intralinking  
  • Google Analytics

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