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WordPress DeveloperThe WordPress Developer plugin is the essential tool for anyone who develops sites in WordPress.

The Developer plugin will help you optimize your development environment by making sure that you have all the essential tools and plugins installed. This plugin will make you a better WordPress developer.

In our new "WordPress Developer Plugin" class, Topher takes us step-by-step through each part of the plugin, explaining what it does and demonstrating its use.

WordPress Developer Introduction Video

WordPress Developer Syllabus


Site and Plugin Helper

  • Introduction  
  • Debug Bar  
  • Debug Bar Console  
  • Debug Bar Cron  
  • Debug Bar Extender  
  • Rewrite Rules Inspector  
  • Log Deprecated Notices  
  • Log Viewer  
  • Monster Widget  
  • User Switching  
  • Pig Latin  

Theme Helper       

  • RTL Tester  
  • Regenerate Thumbnails  
  • Simply Show ID's  
  • Theme Test Drive  
  • Theme Check  
  • Summary  


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