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Drupal Views TrainingWhen it comes to making a Drupal site really work, no module is more essential than Views.

In fact, Views is so critical to a Drupal site's success that it is being incorporated into Drupal 8 (to be released around August 2013).

We are pleased to announce that this week we've launched our new Drupal 7 class. This newest addition to our Drupal 7 class series introduces Views and demonstrates ten different ways that it can be used on your site, from a simple blog page to a dynamic slideshow.

The Views Class Syllabus

Basic Views

  • A Page with Teasers: a blog-style layout.
  • A Simple Block View: a block that can be customized and placed around your site.

Intermediate Views

  • Jump Menu: a drop-down menu for navigation.
  • Table with Fields: a sortable table of information.

Advanced Views

  • Relationship Filter: combine information from different parts of your Drupal site.
  • Exposing Filters to Users: allows your users to control how they search the information you provide.
  • Contextual & Relational Filters: this is a view that updates automatically, based on the content being viewed.
  • Creating a Slideshow: one of the most popular uses for Views, creating a dynamic slideshow.
  • Multi-Display View: display one view in multiple ways ... a page, a block and more.
  • Glossary: sorts your content alphabetically.

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