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Managing Multiple WordPress Sites With ManageWP

This week's new video class is "Managing Multiple WordPress Sites With ManageWP".

Managing multiple WordPress sites can be a challenge. There are always updates, comments and more to deal with. ManageWP is a great solution.

In this class, Topher takes you through the basics that you get for free and shows the benefits of easy site maintenance that ManageWP brings to your workflow.

Outline of the ManageWP Class

  • ManageWP Settings
  • Adding Sites to ManageWP
  • The ManageWP Interface
  • Managing Sites With ManageWP
  • Updating Sites With ManageWP
  • Taking Backups With ManageWP
  • ManageWP Reports
  • Plugin Themes With WP
  • ManageWP Summary
  • ManageWP Quiz

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