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Magento is one of the two or three most popular e-commerce solutions in the world.

Magento is incredibly powerful but also has a reputation for being difficult to learn. This week's new class is designed to solve that problem. "The Beginners Guide to Magento" is the best guide to Magento 2 you'll find anywhere.

Watch these videos, follow along with Robert, and you'll get an easy-to-understand introduction to every aspect of running a Magento site. During the class, you'll build an e-commerce site that sells coffee products. You'll use the free, Community version of Magento 2.

What's in The Beginners Guide to Magento class?


  • Introduction to Magento
  • Choosing a Magento Host
  • Manually Installing Magento
  • Overview of the Magento Admin


  • Content Configuration, Part 1
  • Content Configuration, Part 2
  • Stores Configuration, Part 1
  • Stores Configuration, Part 3


  • Creating a Basic Product
  • Product Attributes
  • More About Product Attributes
  • Product Attribute Sets
  • Customizable Products
  • Configurable Products, Part 1
  • Configurable Products, Part 2

Organizing Products

  • Magento Categories
  • Magento Categories, Part 2
  • Bundle Products, Part 1
  • Bundle Products, Part 2
  • Related Products, Upsells and Cross-Sells


  • Magento Pages
  • Blocks and Widgets
  • Creating a Footer Link List
  • Creating a Homepage

Payments and Taxes

  • Setting up Payment Methods
  • Tax Rules
  • Customer Tax Classes
  • Broad Tax Configuration


  • Shipping Configuration, Part 1
  • Shipping Configuration, Part 2


  • Configuring Automated Emails
  • Newsletters

Extensions and Themes

  • Extensions and Themes, Part 1
  • Extensions and Themes, Part 2


  • Going Live and Final Notes
  • Magento Quiz

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