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Joomla Video HostingVideos grab your attention.

Videos can teach people, videos can move people and they can even make kittens famous!

Where you host all your videos is an important decision and is a key part of your sucess.

In this class, Rod evaluates YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia as options for hosting your videos. Rod then reviews 3 plugins: OSYouTube, OSVimeo and OSWistia.

Outline of the Joomla Video Hosting Class

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to YouTube
  • OSYouTube
  • OSYouTube Pro
  • Introduction to Vimeo
  • OSVimeo
  • OSVimeo Pro
  • Introduction to Wistia
  • OSWistia
  • OSWistia Pro
  • Joomla Video Hosting Quiz

About the author

Rod holds two masters degrees and has been training people how to do "things" for over 25 years. Originally from Australia, he grew up in Canada and now resides just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.