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Javascript classJavascript is becoming an increasingly important tool for websites.

Elsewhere on the blog this week we covered the launch of Ghost, a blogging platform built in Javascript. Even large features on WordPress and other CMSs are being rebuilt in Javascript.

Our latest course is an introduction to Javascript.

These 16 videos will show you all the basics of Javascript and take you through hands-on exercises to really help you understand the topic.

About the Introduction to Javascript class

HTML and CSS enable you to create beautiful webpages. But what if you want your pages to move or interact with the user?

Slideshows, tabbed content, graphics that move, elements that hide and show all require something more... JavaScript.

In this class we'll start from the very basics of JavaScript syntax and statements and move through variables, flow control, all the way to responding to user interactions like moving the mouse over or clicking on an element.

We'll learn how to get user input from JavaScript's pop-up windows and use the user's input in these to modify content on your web page.

Come prepared to type: this course gives numerous hands-on exercises for you to drive home what you're learning.

Basic understanding of HTML and CSS is required, but no experience in programming is assumed.

Now that we've introduced you to Javascript, our next coding class will show you how to use jQuery, the hugely popular Javascript library which is used by WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other platforms.

Introduction to Javascript video

Introduction to Javascript Syllabus


  • Introduction to Javascript
  • First Line of JavaScript
  • Variations on the First Line
  • Alerts and Escapes
  • Javascript Quiz 1


  • Introduction to Variables
  • if..else
  • Arrays
  • for Loops
  • Using Functions
  • Javascript Quiz 2


  • Writing Functions
  • Events
  • getElementById
  • getElementById Exercise
  • innerHTML
  • Final Exercise
  • Javascript Quiz 3

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