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Drupal Drush

Drush is one of the most powerful tools in Drupal.

Drush is a command line interface that allows you to do anything from site-building to maintenance.

Drush makes it much easier and quicker for you to complete many common tasks. With one prompt from the command line, you can install modules, updates site and perform hundreds of maintenance functions.

Our new video class will introduce you to Drush and show you how to use it complete many of those common tasks.

What does the Drush class cover?


  • Introduction to Drush
  • Installing Acquia Dev Desktop on Mac OSX
  • Installing Drush on a Mac OSX
  • Installing MsysGit on Windows
  • Installing Acquia Dev Desktop on Windows
  • Installing Drush on Windows
  • Getting Help with Drush


  • Downloading Projects with Drush
  • Downloading Multiple Projects
  • Enabling Projects
  • Disabling Projects
  • Uninstalling Projects
  • Viewing Release Notes


  • Listing Modules That Have Updates Available
  • Updating Projects
  • Updating Database
  • Installing a Specific Version of a Project
  • Clearing the Cache
  • Updating all projects and the database with one command
  • Running Cron

Video intro for the Drush class

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