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New Video Class: Drupal 8 Site Building

Now that you've completed the Drupal 8 Beginner class, it's time to build your first real site and start exploring Drupal's powerful modules and themes.

This week we've released the Drupal 8 Site Building class.

This class has over 50 videos that take you through the entire process of building a Drupal 8 site, using the OSTraining workflow:

  1. Plan
  2. Install
  3. Content
  4. Extend
  5. Layout
  6. People
  7. Manage

As you follow along with the class, you'll build a site that uses custom content types, custom blocks, advanced Views and much, much more.

Outline of the Drupal 8 Site Building Class


  • Introduction to the Class
  • Planning Our Site
  • Requirements and What's New in Drupal 8


  • Setting up a New Site
  • Installing Modules and Using Drush
  • What is Drupal Site Building?
  • Site Building Quickstart Exercise


  • Designing Structured Content
  • Creating a New Content Type
  • Setting up URLs for Drupal Content
  • Adding Fields: Image, Link, Phone, Google Map
  • Taxonomy: Creating a Vocabulary
  • Adding Fields to Taxonomy Terms
  • Adding Taxonomy to a Content Type
  • User Profiles
  • Add Fields to User Profiles
  • Comments on Content Types
  • Manage Display
  • Using Devel to Populate Content
  • Site Building Quiz 1


  • Introduction to Modules
  • Installing the Admin Toolbar Module
  • Installing the Video Embed Module
  • Installing the Views Slideshow Module


  • Displays, Layout and Theming
  • Display Modes
  • Image Styles
  • Custom Blocks
  • Adding a Custom Block
  • Introduction to Views
  • Contextual Filters in Views
  • Relationships in Views
  • Advanced Relationship View
  • Completing Views Slideshow
  • Adding a Theme
  • Creating a Custom Drupal Theme
  • Display Suite and the Layout Plugin Module
  • Managing Displays with Display Suite
  • Other Fields in Display Suite
  • Display Suite Custom CSS
  • Update Your Front Page, Part 1
  • Update Your Front Page, Part 2
  • Update Your Front Page, Part 3
  • Clean Up and Menus, Part 1
  • Clean Up and Menus, Part 2


  • Introduction to People
  • Update Signup Configuration
  • Add an Editor Role and Permissions


  • Managing Your Site
  • Updating Modules and Themes
  • Caching
  • Configuration Management
  • Multilingual Sites
  • Testing the Multilingual Distribution
  • Conclusion
  • Site Building Quiz 2

How to Take the Drupal 8 Site Building Class

If you're an OSTraining member, you can click here to take the Drupal 8 Performance Class.

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