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Drupal BS HD

If you're interested in Drupal theming, then you really need this week's new video class from Robert Ring called "Drupal and Bootstrap".

Bootstrap is the dominant design framework on the web today. Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive and powerful mobile-first framework. Bootstrap can make your Drupal theme development much faster and easier.

In this new class, Robert explains how to setup and configure the Bootstrap theme, then takes us through Views, Panels, sub-themes and even template overrides.

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Introductory Video for the Drupal and Bootstrap Class

Outline of the Drupal and Bootstrap Class

  • Introduction
  • Basic Configuration
  • Setup Content
  • Grid in Full Node Display
  • Views
  • Panels
  • Custom Modal
  • Custom Modal Part 2
  • Contributed Sub-Themes
  • Creating Sub-Themes
  • Override Base Theme Templates
  • Changing Variable Assignments
  • Override HTML Output
  • Further Resources
  • Drupal Bootstrap Quiz

How to Take the Drupal and Bootstrap Class

If you're already an OSTraining member, you can click here to take the Drupal Bootstrap class.

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