Find Relevant Search Terms to Improve your SEO with Google Trends

If you're trying to optimize your site to meet the needs of potential visitors, then Google Trends is a very useful tool.

If you're going to create content that's optimized for a particular keyword, it's helpful to know whether people are actually searching for that keyword.

Google Trends allows you to see how popular a keyword has been, not just today, but over a decade or more.

Search terms

  • Go to Google Trends
  • In the "Explore topics" field, type a search term. In my example, I'm looking for "webdesign" (no spaces).
  • Click "enter".
Improve your SEO with Google Trends

The screenshot below shows the interest of this search term over time. You can see that far fewer people are searching for "webdesign" than 10 years ago:

Improve your SEO with Google Trends

Add a new search term

Let's add a new term to compare by doing clicking the "+Add term" link:

Improve your SEO with Google Trends

I typed "web design", this time using a space between the words to see if it changed the results:

Improve your SEO with Google Trends

As you can see, more people type "web design" than "webdesign" when they google.

Continue adding more terms, so you can decide which words or phrases are more popular. 

Once you have an idea of what people are searching for you, can build content around these phrases:

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