Firebug Has Been Discontinued

For many years, Firebug was one of the most helpful tools available to web developers and designers.

Firebug, launched back in 2006, was an add-on that integrated with the Firefox browser. It helped you to inspect HTML elements and modify your designs directly in the browser.

However, Firebug has reached the end of the road after 10 years. Go to the Firebug website and you'll see this message:

The closing message on the Firebug site

This awesome piece of software was developed and maintained by Joe Hewitt, Jan Odvarko, robcee and the Firebug Working Group.

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to the whole Firebug team for helping to make our web design work easier.

Here at OSTraining, we often recommended Firebug to our customers when they had issues or were learning web development. It was the easiest way to find bugs on your sites. Before Firebug, debugging a website was a complex task.

Don't worry! There are alternatives to Firebug.

The major browsers, including Firefox, already have their own inspect tool with similar capabilities to Firebug. The Firefox team recommends Firefox's built-in DevTools. There's also the Web Developer plugin for Firefox, and we have a video class on Web Developer.

UPDATE: Firebug's features will be rolled into Dev Tools.

UPDATE: since Firebug is not supported anymore. Please try Dev Tools in Firefox, or Developer Tools in Chrome instead.

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