How to Opt-Out of Disqus Reveal

We use Disqus to power the comments on several sites.

This week, Disqus sent a friendly email:

"Congratulations! After careful review, we’ve approved your site OSTaining for Reveal—Disqus’ monetization solution for publishers."

Congratulations? I didn't even know what Reveal was until that moment.

Then a few days later, on Friday, another email arrived to say that Reveal would be automatically enabled in 4 days time, unless we opted out.

After a bit of research (information about Reveal isn't easy to find), it turns out that Reveal involves placing sponsored ads above and below your comments. This image below shows the ads:

example Disqus Reveal ads

It seems that the only way to opt-out is the link the bottom of the Disqus emails ...

Email from Disqus about Reveal ads

I tried to opt-out by logging in to and selecting a site ...

Disqus admin area

... but Reveal only provides a blank box for now. I suspect there may be more options here after the roll-out of Reveal.

Reveal settings inside the Disqus admin

I'll update this post next week with more details, but for now - use the email link if you don't want Reveal. This page has a screenshot of some settings for Reveal, but I couldn't find how to access them.

Reveal settings in the Disqus admin
Don't get me wrong, we still like Disqus. We use Disqus on this Joomla-powered blog, and we've written tutorials on integrating it with Drupal and WordPress. But, they haven't done a good job with the roll-out of this new advertising feature.

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