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Show Only Specific Levels of Taxonomy in Views

One OSTraining member asked us this question:

How can I set the filter criteria so that Views shows only the second level of a taxonomy?

We've had that question from other members before, so here's a tutorial explaining how it's done.

First, you need a taxonomy that has parent and child terms, as in this example:

Drupal taxonomy with parent and child terms

Let's show you how to set up Views so that only the child terms show: Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammmals, Reptiles.

  • Go to Structure > Views > Add new view.
  • Create a View that shows "Taxonomy terms".
creating a Drupal view with taxonomy terms

Thanks to Beth Binkovitz for the solution to this next step.

  • Click "Add" next to Contextual Filters.
Show Only Specific Levels of Taxonomy in Views
  • Search for and choose "Taxonomy term: Parent term".
  • Click "Apply (all displays)".
  • Provide default value: check this box.
  • Type: Fixed value
  • Fixed value: enter the parent terms for your sub-terms
  • Specify validation criteria: check this box.
  • Validator: Taxonomy term.
  • Vocabularies: Choose your vocabulary,
  • Filter value type: Term name converted to term ID
  • Click "Apply (all displays)" to finish.
  • Save the filter and save your view.
  • You should now see that the parent terms are ignored:
A Drupal view with only child terms

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