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Drupal Rules
We often have OSTraining members who want to build membership sites in Drupal.

There are a variety of ways in which you can control access to your content. We've covered the Content Access and Taxonomy Access modules before.

However, using the Rules module has several advantages for membership sites:

  • If you use the normal permissions system to control access, that won't do a good job of telling the users why they can't access the content. With Rules, you can create an easy to understand message, "You must be logged in as Premium Member to see this content".
  • With Rules, you can redirect users to any URL that you want. You can send them to a sales page, or perhaps to the login or registration forms.
  • Once set up, this system can be very easy to use. All the content creators need to do is check a box marked, "Premium Content".

Before you start this video, you will need to do one thing on your Drupal site. Make sure you have a Boolean field called "Premium Content". We'll use that field to control access.

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