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Using Drupal Message Notifications

An OSTraining member asked us how to set up message notifications in Drupal. This allows you to control the messages sent to your site's users.

These messages are used for everything from letting authors know about comments on their articles, to notifying customers about purchases in Drupal Commerce.

Once you install the required modules, you will notice a working notification example already exists, making the setup process easier. 

For this tutorial, you will need to download, install and enable the following modules:

Go to modules and be sure to enable the "message notify example" as well:


  • Navigate back to the site. You should see in the Navigation tools a new option labeled as "message notify example".
  • Click on there to view the messages.


  • Let's add some content, so we can confirm is working.
  • Add a comment to the content.


You can view here the messages log.


Let's look at how it works. In your admin area, under "Structure" you can see a new tab called message types.


Here we can create message types, edit, or clone the existing example.

About the author

Daniel is a web designer from UK, who's a friendly and helpful part of the support team here at OSTraining.