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When you first install the Views module, it comes with several example views.

One of the most popular examples is the Glossary view, which takes a large amount of content and organizes it all by the first letter of the content title. This is useful in a lot of situations, especially when you're creating a directory of businesses or people.

Here's what the Glossary view looks like:

Glossary View in Drupal

Even though the Glosssary view exists when you install Views, it's not always easy for beginners to understand. The Glosssary view does use some of the more advanced Views features.

In this video below, we show you how to create your own Glossary view:

And, now that we understand how new Glossary views are created, let's take at look at how to edit the default Glossary view:

These videos are part of the Drupal Glossary View class.

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