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Contact Forms Are In the Drupal 8 Core

In Drupal 7, if you wanted to create contact forms, you had to use a contributed module. Webform and Entityform were the most popular options.

Now in Drupal 8, forms are in core. Will be saying to goodbye to those popular Drupal 7 modules? Read on and find out ...

Video on Contact forms in Drupal 8

The Contact module in Drupal 8

By default, Drupal 8 has the Contact module enabled, which wasn't true in Drupal 7.

The Contact module has also been greatly enhanced. No longer does it simply provide a contact form on user profiles.

Drupal 8 provides two default contact forms: "Personal contact form" and "Website feedback."

2 default Drupal contact forms

"Personal contact form" is the form that's added to each user's profile:

A Drupal 8 contact form

"Website feedback" is a generic website contact form. Drupal automatically provides a link to this form from the footer:

The Drupal 8 Website feedback form

Contact form settings

Each contact form has 2 main settings:

  • Recipients
  • Auto-reply

So you won't see any of the more advanced Webform features such as redirecting users to particular URL after submission.

Drupal 8 contact form settings

Contact form fields and settings

In Drupal 8 you can add fields to forms, so you can create complex forms with no contributed modules.

Forms also have custom elements: such as "Sender email,""Recipient username," and "Send copy to sender." These can be arranged in the "Manage Display" tab of each form.

Drupal 8 Contact form fields

Storing contact form messages

So can we say goodbye to Webform and Entityform and rely entirely on the Drupal 8 core? No. Not yet.

The one key feature that's missing with the Contact module is the ability to store messages sent through the forms.

This is odd, because Drupal 8 deals with contact messages as entities. You can add comments to them, for example. You just can't see them!

To solve this problem. you'll need a contributed module called Contact Storage. The author says they hope to have this in core for Drupal 8.1 and that would make a lot of sense, filling this functionality gap.

Drupal 8 contact storage module

After installing and enabling Contact Storage, you'll see an addition tab with a list of messages:

Contact Storage module on a Drupal 8 site

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