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We're going to be adding a block position to a Drupal 6 theme called ShallowGrunge: http://drupal.org/project/shallowgrunge

The Goal


One of our students wanted to put a block position inside the red header bar. If you haven't done so already, download and install ShallowGrunge: http://drupal.org/project/shallowgrunge

The Current Blocks


Currently there is only a "content" and a "right sidebar" region.

Finding Where to Insert


I'm using the WebDeveloper toolbar for Firefox to help me identify the red header bar's area. I click on CSS >> View Style Information and then click on the area. The toolbar tells me that the area is called #menu

Opening the Files


In your site files, navigate to sites / all / themes / shallowgrunge / shallowgrunge.info and open that file

Add the Region Name


This file contains all the information Drupal needs to know about the theme. Now we're going to tell it about our new region. Currently only two regions are defined in this file. You'll need to add another using this line: regions[header] = Header

Open page.tpl.php


The file that controls the layout of our theme is page.tpl.php so let's open that up.

Add the Region Code


We scroll down in the file until we find the div called "menu" and we can insert our block code into there. The syntax is:

Check Your New Region


Check back in Administer >> Site building >> Blocks and your new "header" region should show.