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The Beginners Guide to Github Pages

github pagesAll developers know Github as service that enables code sharing and also helps you improve your code by using version control.

However, did you know that Github also offers Github Pages, a completely free hosting service?

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to host a simple HTML website for free using Github.

Step #1. Create a Github account

You will need a Github account. For more details please go to github.com and signup. It will take just a few seconds.

Step #2. Create a repository

Go to your profile page. Your URL will look like this: github.com/your-username

  1. Click on the Repositories tab
  2. Click New
github pages

You're going to create a new repository. The repository name should follow this pattern:


In my example, I’m using htmgarcia as my username

github pages
  • Click the Create repository button.

Step #3. Create the home page

Now let's go to your new repository. Starting from your profile:

  1. Click the Repositories tab
  2. Click your repository name
github pages
  • Find the plus sign (+) and click it to create a new file.
github pages

On this new screen, you have two things to do:

github pages
  • When you are done, scroll down and click the Commit new file button
github pages

Step #4. Check the result

In your browser type http://your-username.github.io to see the end result. In this example I’m using http://htmgarcia.github.io/ and this really example will only display a "hello world!" header.

It's as easy as that. You can now add free pages using Github's free hosting.

github page publushed to the web

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