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| Drupal

Client side editors in Drupal often require additional modules to enhance them. If you uploaded CKEditor, without a file management module you won't be able to search the site for pictures when you click the insert button.

CKFinder is an addition for the CKEditor that will give you file management capabilities. With this installed you will be able to search your site for pictures in your various site directories.

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| WordPress

The NextGen Gallery is probably the most used gallery for WordPress sites.

There's a great sidebar widget for showing thumbnails from galleries on the pages. It comes with a very basic styling, but there are templates easily accessible for creating the look you want.

The default style jams the thumbnails together, and to make a pleasing look, you need to add some spacing.

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| WordPress

One of our students noticed that his Add a New Post area looked different that our tutorial. For example, he had no excerpt or custom fields on the page and asked why his layout was different. The answer is that as of WordPress 3.1, some screen options on the Post and Page areas are hidden by default and need to be enabled.

This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to enabled them using Screen Options.

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Browsers want to appear really fast for you. So instead of going back to the webpage every time you visit it, they save copies of pages and bits of information called, "cache". There are times when this effort at speeding up the browser actually slows you down. Like when you're trying to make changes to your live site and see the changes in real time.

There are three things that can cause some frustration, cache, cookies and browser history.

You may need to get rid of all these temporary files so you see your changes. The process is similar in all browsers, you just have to know where to find the controls. Check out the list.

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drupalconlondonAs an ex-pat Brit, it gives me great pleasure to say that we're coming home in August.

OSTraining is going to be providing Drupal training at DrupalCon London.

We're going to be teaching the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal which we also taught at DrupalCon Chicago this spring. Both classes cover the same material as the beginner classes that happen regularly all across the United States.

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| Web Design

Here at OSTraining, we usethe same video provider as the New York Times, Sky, Fox, the Weather Channel and more so the video quality is as good as it can get.

However, online video sometimes suffers from regional or even very local glitches.

If you do experience video problems, we'll often ask you to send us a report to help diagnose the problem. Here's how to send the report.

Step 1: Visit the Brightcove Debugger


Step 2: Watch an OSTraining Video

  • Open another tab in your browser.
  • Watch any OSTraining video.

Step 3: The Debug Infromation Starts

  • In the tab with the Brightcove Debugger, you'll see reports starting to show.
  • Wait 60 seconds.

Step 4: Copy and Send

  • Click copy all.
  • You'll get a message saying "Output copied to clipboard."

Rod MartinWe're delighted to welcome Rod Martin to OSTraining this week.

Rod's a "new" staff member only in a very literal sense. He's been working with us for 18 months now and any of you who have seen our Joomla videos will have heard and seen him before.

Rod is our Director of Online Training and will be helping us to provide you all with more great videos. Rod's also a great live trainer and he'll be teaching classes with us around the Mid-West and at some exciting events that we'll be able to announce soon.

We seem to be a company of ex-pats so it works out well that Rod's originally from Australia, grew up in Canada and now resides just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. He has worked in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds, in small companies and large corporations. We're also a company of teachers and Rod has been training people for over 25 years.

Rod plays ice hockey a couple of times a week and rides his Goldwing motorbike pretty much everywhere he can.

Follow him on Twitter at @navtomorrow.

| WordPress

Speed is everything these days. People are browsing faster and have a shorter attention span. Time is literally money:

  • Microsoft showed that when pages slowed by 1 second, ad clicks per user decreased by 1.5%.
  • Amazon showed that when pages slowed by 1 tenth of a secon, sales decreased by 1%.

One great solution to make your WordPress sites run more quickly is the W3 Total Cache plugin. Here's how to use it:

Test Your Site


Before we speed up our site, let's test how fast it's running now. You can do that by visiting http://gtmetrix.com. In the image above I'm testing a plain WordPress install and it scored 87% and 93% on the two tests. Don't be surprised if your site is substantially slower after adding themes, plug-ins and widgets.

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OSTraining Drupal Tampa ClassesDrupal classes are coming to Florida.

Over the last year we've been slowiy expanding up and down the U.S.. We now run classes from Chicago and Boston in the north, down through New York and Washington D.C., and Atlanta. Finally we're now heading all the way south into Florida.

Why did we choose Tampa? Two main reasons:

  • The city is centrally located in the state, within 4 hours of every other major city.
  • For several years we've been running a successful Joomla class in Tampa, working with a great training facility. It's right by the airport which makes it very easy for students to travel in and out.

Find out more about our Drupal classes in Tampa by clicking here:

There was one small little feature in Drupal 6 that would routinely drive students in our classes mad. It wasn't a major feature but it was a major annoynance: controlling the author and date information. Some content on your site simply doesn't need to display the name of the author and the date the content was written.

Here's how to find the display settings in Drupal 6 and an explanation of how things have changed for the better in Drupal 7.

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In Drupal 6, uploading modules and themes was often troublesome for beginners. They would have to follow a confusing process:

  1. Download the files
  2. Uncompress them
  3. Make sure there was a /sites/all/modules/ or /sites/all/themes/ folder on their site
  4. Upload the files manually to the /sites/ folder. Few beginners remembered that folder name - they just uploaded to the /modules/ and /themes/ folder which would be more logical.
  5. Go to Site building > modules and enable them

If you'd like to, you can still install modules the old way, but Drupal 7 also offers a much simpler process:

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| Drupal

Drupal 7 introduced many new changes. One of these involves Taxonomy, Drupal's way of organizing content.

Let's see what's changed with Taxonomy and what you'll need to do differently in Drupal 7:

Taxonomy in Drupal 6

| WordPress

This tutorial will walk you through step by step how to create a slideshow for the frontpage of your Wordpress site. We're going to use a plugin called (very logically) Frontpage Slideshow. Here's how to set it up correctly:


First, go to the admin area of your WordPress site, click Plugins, then Add New and search for Frontpage Slideshow. Once you've found it, click Install now:

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Birthday PresentsIt was 12 months ago when we officially launched our online Joomla training program; and since it's our 1st birthday, we are offering a very special deal.

Until midnight on Saturday, we are giving $220 worth of birthday presents to each person who signs up for a new subscription.

Here is the link to sign up and details of all the presents:


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