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| Drupal

One of our students was setting up a photo gallery and asked:

"I was wondering what module you think would best enable my site members to upload multiple photographs at once."

There are several ways to do this with Drupal. We're going to show you one option that uses a script called Plupload.

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| WordPress

media_1357248200622.pngBootstrap says that it "helps nerds do awesome stuff on the web".

That's very true. Bootstrap is an entire framework that was developed by Twitter to allow them to quickly and easily create consistent, good-looking, mobile-friendly designs. It worked so well that it's now become an independent project used across the web.

Bootstrap is so popular that Joomla adopted it entirely. There are also a good number of WordPress designers using Bootstrap.

In this blog post, we evaluate 8 free WordPress themes built on Bootstrap.

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| Drupal

Node Option Premium is a module for people who want to encourage visitors to register on their site.

Node Option Premium lets you show a content teaser to the public but show the full content only to people who are logged in and have a certain role. This is typical of the strategy used by many newspapers and magazines with their paywall.

In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to use this simple, yet effective module.

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| Drupal

drupal errorsHave you ever seen an error on your Drupal site that says:

"The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."

There are over 700 people who have reported the same problem on the Drupal.org forums.

If you have this error or similar errors and are thinking, "OMG! Now what?", then hang tight.

We're here to help with this tutorial. We'll show you how to diagnose and solve errors that appear on your Drupal site.

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nexusDuring December we ran two prize competitions.

First, we gave away prizes to people who took our annual survey. One lucky winner took home a Nexus 7 tablet from Google. It's said to be the best open source tablet available today. There were nearly a dozen other prizes given out.

Second, we gave away some free Template Monster designs.

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| General


Every morning, I wake up and check our support ticket system.

Every morning, we have somewhere between a dozen and two dozen emails from people in India. There's also a smattering of emails from Africa, South-east Asia and Eastern Europe.

The trouble is, through no fault of their own, none of these people are paying members and probably never will be. 

We have one of the best value membership plans around at $25 per month, but that's a lot of money when you come from a country where the average income per month is $100. It's even a lot of money if you're unemployed or disabled in a first world country like the the United States and need to survive on $500 per month.

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| Drupal

Drupal's core forum module has been around for a long, long time. It was first introduced back into Drupal 3 in 2001!

The forum module is fairly basic but it has proven reliable enough to handle some large sites such as http://drupal.org/forum. However, the module does lack many of the more advanced features that you'd expect to see in today's forums such as VBulletin and phpBB. 

If you want a more powerful forum in your Drupal site, we recommend Advanced Forum. The Advanced Forum module has many of the same features as VBulletin and phpBB, but it's also tightly integrated into Drupal.

In this tutorial, we'll show you through how to install, configure and use Advanced Forum.

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| General

wordpress-joomla-drupalThis year we published over 280 posts on the OSTraining blog.

Next year we'll work even harder and try to publish a post every day!

Being the end of 2012 now, let's look back to see which of those posts were the most popular.

We've listed the 5 most popular posts for each CMS. The posts in each list give us insight as to what was on the minds of users in 2012.

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| Drupal

icon-d8-100Over the last few months, we've been covering the Drupal community's progress towards releasing Drupal 8.

Our last update was a month ago. I explained that the core file structure had changed, plus there were over 15 new modules including Views.

Since that update, the first major deadline has arrived. Feature freeze was in the beginning of December, although that deadline slipped a little, and we can still expect new features until February.

However, lots of great new features have arrived in the last month, and so let's take another look at the state of Drupal 8.

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| Drupal

In this blog post we're going to introduce you to Drupal entities and how they make site building easier.

In Drupal 6, there was a big difference between how Drupal handled different types of content. Nodes, comments, terms and users were all technically "content", but Drupal treated them all differently.

What happened with Drupal 7 is that we started to treat nodes, comments, terms and users in the same way. No longer was there a big difference between them.

Each individual node, user, term and comment is now called an entity.

Nodes, comments, terms and users are now called entity types. The image below from Heather James on Drupal.org shows some "entity types" in Drupal 7

Pathauto Class

We're delighted to be able to launch our Drupal Pathauto class today.

In this class, Brian Lewis will show you how to automatically generates URLs for your site's content, taxonomy terms, user profiles and more.

Brian covers three modules: Pauthauto, Sub-pathauto and Redirect. He explains what each module does, and when it should be used on your site.

Click here to watch the full Drupal Pathauto class.

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| General

instagram"If you aren't paying for the product, you are the product."

That's a phrase we hear all the time now.

We heard it in the wake of this week's Instagram uproarany one of the many Facebook scandalsthe Digg crisis and when many other privacy controversies enrupt.

Any time a major website invades your privacy more than it normally does, the same phrase gets trotted out.

The trouble is, that phrase is nonsense.

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template-monsterTemplate Monster are one of the most popular places to get designs for your website.

They have over 1800 WordPress themes, 1200 Joomla templates and 700 Drupal themes available.

This holiday season, we're giving away some free Template Monster designs.

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| Drupal

Sometimes in Drupal there are many solutions to a problem.

One such problem is controlling who can see which content on your site.

Although Drupal comes with 5 permissions for content, none of them deal with access. Here are the 5 default permissions:

| Drupal

In another tutorial this week, we talked about a major hole in Drupal's permissions system.

The hole is that Drupal allows you to control who can create, edit and delete content but not who can view it.

Because this problem impacts a lot of sites, there are a lot of available solutions. In that other tutorial, we recommended the Content Access module. In this tutorial, we're going to recommend the Taxonomy Access Control module.

What's the difference?

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