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You can advertise and promote your company on OSTraining. Here are some of the available options:

  • Blog tutorials. Use the OSTraining blog to promote and teach people how to use your product. You may create a  complete course on your product and if you publish more than 6 tutorials you may get your own subdomain: e.g. /blog/drupal/yourcompany/  
  • Blog Links. We have published thousands of blogs over the years. Perhaps one already exists that is well ranked and could help your company?
  • Blog Product Reviews. We work with you to write a review of your product in which you showcase your product's best features - - after all, you know your product better than anyone. In time, you may add new blog reviews when you release new features.
  • Blog Interview. People love to connect with the entrepreneurs behind great companies. We can publish a personal interview in which you tell our readers about your vision, your team, your products, and the struggles you have overcome.
  • Blog Giveaways. You can run a giveaway offer to our readers published on our blog. If you set up the giveaway challenge correctly, you can often get users involved in researching and exploring your product.
  • Newsletter Promotion. We can include news about your company, tutorials, product reviews, or giveaways in our weekly newsletter.
  • Influencer marketing & sponsored videos. Acquia, GoDaddy, Pantheon, Nexcess, GlowHost, InMotion, and other companies have partnered with OSTraining to reach web developers. Please read more about our influencer marketing services

Ads and promotions may be featured on the OSTraining YouTube Channel (+600,000 monthly views), our blog (+300,000 unique monthly visitors), in our weekly newsletter (60,000 readers) and on Facebook and Twitter.

Please note that we only accept advertising for products that have tested thoroughly and that we think our users will love.