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You can advertise and promote your company on OSTraining. Here are some of the available options:

  • Giveaways. You can run a giveaway offer to our members. These are often the most popular way to advertise - users love free stuff.  And, if you set up the giveaway challenge correctly, you can often get users involved in researching and exploring your product.
  • Sponsored posts and tutorials. We work with you on a post that will appear on the OSTraining blog. The post could be a review, an inteview, an informational article, or a tutorial or series of tutorials - whatever best introduces your services to our readers.
  • Sponsored videos: We can create one custom video class or a complete course on a topic you choose. These video tutorials are published to OSTraining's YouTube Channel where they become a valuable resource for the web development communities.  When you sponsor the creation of these videos they become part of our site's library and will be available to all our site's members. A sponsored class is a great way to get users actively engaged with using your product. Drupal 8 Training sponsored by Acquia reaches 800k views.
  • Banner ads: Place ads at OSTraining targeted specifically to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHP or to all our traffic.
  • Influencer Marketing: Acquia, GoDaddy, Pantheon, Nexcess, Ecwid, and other companies have partnered with OSTraining to reach different types of web developers. Learn how you can use our training to reach almost any type of web developer. 

Ads and promotions may be featured on the OSTraining YouTube Channel (+500,000 monthly views), our blog (+300,000 monthly visitors), in our weekly newsletter (60,000 readers) and on Facebook and Twitter.

Please note that we only accept advertising for products that we think our users will love.

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