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New Drupal Classes and a Partnership with Modules Unraveled

social-networkIt's been wonderful to hear a brand-new voice in the Drupal world this year. Every week Brian Lewis has been interviewing leading lights in the Drupal world for his Modules Unraveled podcast. Brian has also started producing video tutorials on important modules.

A few weeks ago I talked with Brian and found out that he also shares a very similar background to myself and our other trainers: Brian is a professional teacher who loves both teaching and technology.

We love his work and asked if he was willing to partner with us at OSTraining. We're delighted that he said yes! Today we launch his first Drupal class with us: Organic Groups for Drupal 7 is available to all OSTraining members.

Organic Groups for Drupal 7

Modules UnraveledBrian was an early adopter of Drupal 7 and ran into a lot of bugs/issues that hadn't been resolved yet. One of those issues was getting Organic Groups (OG) to work in D7. Nobody seemed to be able to figure it out, so he spent weeks scouring the interwebs to find the magical button that would make everything work.

Brian made a couple of videos but then realized that he had shown one way to set up OG in D7. People still had a lot of questions about edge cases. This is when he saw the light, and had the idea to put together an OG series which would be a series of videos covering the different settings of the module. This format would let him go in-depth into each part of the module so that site builders would then have the knowledge to bend the module to their will.

Here is Brian's Organic Groups class in full:

  1. Introduction to Organic Groups
  2. Setting Up The Views
  3. Configuring Panels for Organic Groups
  4. Creating Groups with Public and Private Content
  5. Group Memberships
  6. Content Posting by Group Members
  7. Custom Global Roles
  8. Custom Global Permissions
  9. Specific Permissions for Groups
  10. Different Permissions for Groups
  11. Who Can Post and What They Can Post
  12. Creating Membership Types
  13. Allowing The Group Manager to Have All Permissions
  14. Group Field Visibility Based on Roles

Click here to view the Organic Groups class for Drupal 7.

What's Next with Drupal at OSTraining?

We have three more full classes in the pipeline for OSTraining members:

  • Using the Simple News module to send newsletters from Drupal. This will be another course from Brian.
  • Using the Display Suite module for advanced layout controls for your content.
  • A full Drupal theming class.


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