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Why is My Database So Large?

phpmyadminOne common question we hear from our members is this:

"My hosting company tells me my database is too large. But, I'm not sure what's causing it."

Here is an easy way to find out why your database has grown so large:


Personalized Content Feeds in Drupal

drupal custom feedOne of our members wanted to allow users to create customized information feeds in Drupal.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to do that. We'll demonstrate how to allow users to view only certain types of content.

This could be useful for news sites, but also for many other types of site where users want personalized content.

In this example, we're going to create a page of movies. Users will be able to choose to see movies only in genres that they choose.


Learn Hikashop for Joomla E-Commerce

Hikashop training classWe've recently launched a large e-commerce project for an OSTraining customer.

They wanted a Joomla store that was powerful, flexible and easy-to-use. After evaluating the available solutions, we strongly recommended Hikashop.

We're not alone in our high opinion of Hikashop. It has very positive reviews on the J.E.D. and a rating of nearly 4.9 out of 5.

Today we launch the first part of our video training series on Hikashop. The first 10 videos cover setting up your Hikashop store.

Next Monday we'll lanunch the second 10 videos which will cover launching and running your store.


Why is WordPress Easy? Can It Become Simpler?

WordPress logoA lot of people say that WordPress is easy to use.

I hear that claim all the time, but rarely see anyone show evidence that it is true.

I sat down to test WordPress.

Which tasks in WordPress are really easy? Which tasks could be made easier?

I used a system called WICS to find the answers. Here are the results ...


Fullscreen Websites with jQuery.fullscreen

fullscreenMany years ago, when flash websites were popular and no-one cared about SEO, websites often went fullscreen.

A fullscreen website would hide all the browser elements such as address bar and bookmarks menu.

Thanks to the jQuery.fullscreen plugin, you can add this feature to your non-Flash websites. 

Here's how to use the jQuery.fullscreen plugin:


Learn Drupal 7 Panels

Drupal-PanelsEvery Monday we release a new video class, and this week's class is Drupal 7 Panels.

Panels is a powerful module you can use to create your own layouts and specialized landing pages.

Panels provides you with complete control over layout, content and a drag-and-drop interface.


Your Video Introduction to WordPress 3.9

wp-39WordPress 3.9 is due to be released in mid-April.

Topher, our WordPress teacher, is here to give you your video introduction to 3.9.

In the content creation screen there's a new version of TinyMCE and also some gallery improvements. Topher also highlights some audio and video improvements.


27 Funny, Imaginative and Odd Drupal Logos

drupalSome organizations are very serious about their logos. They produce exhaustive guidelines on how their logo should and should not be used.

The Drupal community takes the opposite approach. The Drupal logo is called "Druplicon" and is released under the GPL license. That licensing allows designers to do whatever they want with the logo.

That design freedom has led to some funny, imaginative and downright strange variations on the Drupal logo.

Here are 27 of our favorites from events around the world.


A First Look at Akeeba Backup for WordPress

akeeba backup wpThe de facto standard for backing up a Joomla site is Akeeba Backup. The software is excellent, feature rich, and very reliable.

The developer of Akeeba Backup has now created Akeeba Backup for WordPress, which is now in Beta and available to subscribers for testing.


Join Us in Texas for DrupalCon Austin

drupalcon austinAre you looking for a good excuse to get out of the office, head somewhere interesting and learn some new skills?

DrupalCon Austin is in June, and you should come with us.

DrupalCon Austin is going to be one full week of Drupal with sessions, business events, education and beautiful weather that many of us have missed this winter.


Create a Quick Install Package for Joomla

Akeeba BackupMost template clubs have their own Quick Start packages, which help their users to quickly install a demo site with the template, module positions, and sample content already configured.

The following article will highlight a quick and easy way to create a Quick Install package for Joomla. And it's with an easy-to-use tool that you've probably already used or heard about: Akeeba Backup.


Install Google Analytics in Joomla 3

Install Google Analytics in Joomla 3In this tutorial, we'll show you one quick and easy way to install Google Analytics in Joomla 3.

We're going to use a very simple extension with a very long name, the "Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin".


Add Links to Fields in Views

drupal-views-linksThis blog post is the answer to a common request we get from people learning how to use Views.

The question is: "How do I automatically add a link to a field"?

The answer is straightforward, once you know how.


Learn the Drupal 7 Search API

Drupal-Search-APIEvery Monday we release a new video class, and this week's class is Drupal 7 Search API.

Drupal's built-in search module is a search engine that lets users search for specific content and users, but its features are limited.

In this class, Brian helps us get the most out of the Search API and Apache Solr Search modules.


Joomla 3 is the Future of Joomla

joomla33In our CMS predictions for 2014, we made this forecast:

"When people use Joomla 3, they seem to love it. The interface and features are far more user-friendly than previous versions. So there's really no rush to move on to version 4. The community is still absorbing Joomla 3 and there's a lot of sites that still need to upgrade. Most people just aren't ready for version 4 yet.

We predict the Joomla team will keep developing and improving version 3."


Why WordPress for Developers? Watch the Webinar

Why WordPress from the Developer Perspective

Last week, we launched a new video class called Why WordPress? The Developer Perspective.

We also held a webinar on the same topic. Our WordPress trainer, Topher DeRosia, guided us through the thought process behind why a site developer should choose WordPress to build a site.

Topher explained the features of WordPress that make it attractive for developers to use.

Watch the full webinar recording below:



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