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Adding the Administration Menu Module to Drupal 7

admin menuDrupal 7 did get a new toolbar and overlay to make it easier to use. However, many people prefer to use the Administration Menu module. This might be because they are familiar with it (because it was also very popular in Drupal 6), and it might because it is actually easier to use than the default toolbar.

The normal Drupal 7 toolbar can require several clicks to get to parts of the admin area. As a result, many developers find the Administration Menu module to be a great help because they can jump to any administrative task much more quickly.

Step 1: Install the Administration Menu Module

First, let's download the module from

Go to and download the Administration menu module.


In the admin area click "Modules" then the "Install new module" link to install the module.


Browse your file system and choose the file you just downloaded, then click Install. (In Google Chrome it says "Choose File" your browser may have a "Browse" button.)


Go back to the "Modules" page and scroll down to find the Administration section. Enable the module by clicking the check boxes.

Step 2 - Disable the Toolbar Module


Then scroll up on the page and find the "Toolbar" module. Clear the checkbox to disable the standard Toolbar. Clearing the checkbox for the standard Toolbar module avoids any conflicts caused by having two menus enabled.


When you are logged in you should now see the new menu, with expanded drop-downs and more direct navigation


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