5 Reasons to Choose OSTraining

At OSTraining we provide you with a web-design education that is affordable, practical and straightforward.  

Here are 5 reasons for you to learn with us:

Reasons to Choose OSTraining

#1: Quality

We record in hi-resolution and take the time to edit out every distraction. We zoom in so that you can clearly see what's important, but we never go overboard.

Our video streaming is as good as it can get. We use the same video provider as the New York Times, Sky, Fox, the Weather Channel.

#2: Quantity

We focus on only WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, so we're able to dive much deeper than other sites.

We have over 25 full classes for some platforms. We cover every aspect of a platform, from the beginner material to design, SEO, security and much more.

#3: Support

What happens if you have questions about a video? What happens if you get stuck? With other video training sites, you stay stuck ... there's no-one to help you.

With OSTraining, you have access to our expert support staff. If you get stuck or you have questions not covered in the training, our staff will help you out.

#4: Availability

You can easily get in touch with us. Scroll to the bottom-right corner of this screen to find a phone number, an email address and a live chat box. Come and talk with us!

#5: Professionalism

We are very selective about our hiring. Our teachers all have professional teaching and webdesign backgrounds.

Over the last five years we've taught over 500 live classes. We've also done private training for organizations such as Apple, Pfizer, M.I.T. and many branches of the U.S. government.