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Additional Domains for SEO?

6 years 4 months ago #113000 by nexxuscloud
Additional Domains for SEO? was created by nexxuscloud
So I'm watching the SEO training videos and I have a few questions. My business, Corporate IT Consulting, mainly in the cloud however we do on-site IT work as well, is a very competitive SEO area. I see in one of his videos, he says that he made the domain for his website one of the most popular SEO keyword terms, which makes complete sense, however my domain, nexxuscloud.com is the company name we use, and this is how all other IT Consultants seem to do it.

My question is:

1. Should I buy more domains that have popular SEO keywords and 301 redirect those domains to my main page?
2. Should I build a mini-site around a domain based on popular SEO keywords and link to my main site eventually somewhere on that mini site?
3. Am I completely missing the mark and would doing any of this hurt my SEO versus just doing other SEO exercises listed in the videos?
4. Is there a good SEO site analyzer out there that isn't going to break the bank that would be able to asses my site's SEO and make suggestions on what to do?

I've built the website in Drupal 7 and I've done some work on it however I feel that my SEO is terrible. I just signed up for AdWords to use the keyword tool and I'll also be doing a very inexpensive PPC ad or two, just to try to get some hits. I have an active facebook, twitter, youtube and Google plus account that all link back to our main website and I try my best to drive authentic posts / good content through the site's blog and then post it to the social media sites.

I want to drive traffic to our site, obviously.

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6 years 4 months ago #113026 by Nick
Replied by Nick on topic Additional Domains for SEO?
Hi and welcome, nexxuscloud!

1) The 301 redirect won't help, since the initial domain would have no page rank and a person is unlikely to enter the domain name without seeing it elsewhere.

2) If you have the time and money for it, it could help. It depends on the quality of the content.

3) It's very unlikely to hurt your SEO, unless you're linking like crazy to your site with irrelevant content. That might appear as blackhat SEO / spamming to Google.

One other way that it might hurt is if you spend your time and resources to the SEO site and neglect your main site. The creative that went to the SEO site could have been used for your main site.

4) I'd recommend Googling for a some of the free resources that are available and you'd be surprised how many good sites you can find. They'll give you a ton a great info about your site.

For example:

That being said, keep up with the blogging. That will be your number 1 traffic generator over the years. If you can post good, relevant user-focused content, the traffic will come.

Kind regards,

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