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Why start Joomla training?

Joomla training logoJoomla is a hugely popular way to build websites. Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to easily build many types of website.

Joomla is used by individuals, businesses, and organizations such as General Electric, eBay and the Eiffel Tower. With over 10,000 add-ons available and even more designs, Joomla can do anything you need.

If you learn Joomla, you'll be able to quickly and successfully build a wide range of websites, and you can do it at a very competitive price. Sign up for Joomla training and you'll start improving your business today!

Are you ready to learn Joomla? Try some Joomla training ...

Joomla training: The "Joomla 3 Beginner" class

This class teaches you all of the essential concepts and knowledge you need to get started with Joomla 3. This Beginner class is aimed at people who are completely new to Joomla. You don't need have any experience or know any coding.

Joomla training: "How to Develop Joomla Modules"

This class will help you to become a Joomla developer. Watch these videos, and you'll build a complete Joomla module. Cory is going to show you how to build a Random articles module, from start to finish. These videos cover the following topics, including file and folder architecture, pull data from the Joomla database into your module, creating custom layouts, integrating Javascript, and much more.

Joomla training: The "Build a Joomla Restaurant Site" class

In this class, Rod demonstrates how to build a restaurant website with Joomla, in just 10 easy steps. During the class, he covers both free and paid extensions that are designed for restaurant websites, and also demonstrates how to create the site with just articles and modules. In the last video, he discusses a mobile first approach to your restaurant website.