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Audit trail tool for configurations - Long message

5 years 9 months ago - 5 years 9 months ago #121565 by Cockroach
This question is to Rod of the Joomla! 3 Intermediate course.

Joomla! has hundreds of places where configuration changes can be made. Often, there are changes within modules which change things for an article, module or menu which supersede the Global Configuration.

Is there an extension tool available which provides an "audit trail" of settings from global, module, menu & article configuration? I would use it to determine where settings are being changed. This would be a quick method to see a mistake had been made or the need to implement a global configuration setting would be superior. Certainly, anything published in a Joomla! website follows this hierarchy down to instant the object is displayed!

Reasoning: I am overall responsible for the website of a non-profit. However, the charter of the non-profit, is to let everyone participate who wishes too.

In the near future, I will be forced to let other quasi-skilled people administer the website & make changes which may lead to further problems down the road if they are not "enterprise" thinking.

Most think of desktop experience so when they make contributions to a community effort, they don't use organized structure for an enterprise. It is a discipline to learn! They mean well, but evidence shows, they have not contributed to this sort of a community project before. They have relied, in their past, upon their employers & their paid IT staff to insulate their community contributions to the organization would be insulated & pass through organizational watchdogs for accuracy.

Non-profits work in a much different way using volunteers when compared to commercial businesses!

If these "new" people begin changing settings individually, then it is a "hunt" to find where they made the change which affected so many things. A serious time consumer! A tool could follow the settings to make an "audit trail" of the settings from the Global setting down to the lowest level. Certainly, anything published on a Joomla! website uses such changes in making the final configurations of anything in that is on the site! (The last setting made is the one that is used. Inheritance of settings from global configuration down to the lowest which has "override" privilege.)

As a hiring manager, I interview these people, validate their skills before I give them permissions to edit our website. I like to audit their contributions for I have found poor selections because they have not 'studied Joomla! I have to accept them upon their word they know CMS what they are doing & not face an appeal to the board of directors who is seriously "technology challenged".

As it is coming to be, I need to be able to determine what setting was changed & speak to the person on a personal level to "educate" them & request they stop taking "short cuts". This is what I would call the "Maintenance" aspect of your course & a tool which could facilitate reporting of conflicting settings.

Do you know of any such tool?

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5 years 9 months ago #121574 by steve
Hi Roger

Yes, there is. The closest you'll get is Logman:

This does almost everything you describe and can create a comprehensive audit trail.
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