Joomla Hosting Recommended by the OSTraining team

Hosting recommendations for Joomla Picking the right hosting is critical for your peace of mind, your site's security, and up-time.

There are millions of hosting companies, but most of them have no idea how to work with Joomla.

Fortunately, there are now more and more companies that specialize in Joomla hosting.

Companies that specialize in Joomla optimize their servers and security for Joomla. They train their staff to provide great Joomla support. They will automatically secure and backup your Joomla sites.

We've chosen 4 of the very best hosts to recommend. We use these hosts and trust their staff. You'll be in good hands with these 4 Joomla hosts.

We recommend these 4 Joomla hosts

Joomla Drupal Hosting

Rochen is our recommended host for Joomla and they're also the official hosts of the site. They are a world-class hosting company and we've trusted them with our own sites since 2006. The Rochen hosting environment is optimally configured for Joomla security and performance.

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SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround offers affordable and reliable Joomla hosting. They automatically update Joomla core files and extensions and store up to 30 daily backups. Their support is super-fast: under 1 minute for chat and under 10 minutes for tickets. SiteGround host the official Joomla demo site.

Learn more about SiteGround


HostGator is based in Florida and have been in business since 2002. They are one of the largest hosting providers in the world and great deals on disk space and bandwidth. Several of our staff rely on Hostgator for their own Joomla sites.

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inmotion hosting

Based in Virginia and California, InMotion Hosting has been an excellent hosting company since 2001. Do you ever get frustrated with your hosting company's support? If so, you should try InMotion. All InMotion customers staff get weeks of internal training on everything to do with their hosting.

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Before you choose a Joomla host

Take these 2 steps before choosing a host

1 Contact the hosting customer support. Ask them specifically about Joomla. If they can't answer your questions, then you're talking to the wrong company.

2 Search for problems. Try searching Google for problems and errors involving the hosting company.

Take time and choose carefully

Remember that no company is 100% perfect. Even the companies that we're going to list have caused problems for a few people we've spoken to. However, these are companies who know Joomla and have the best overall feedback from our members.