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Drupal Podcasting

Teacher: Brian Lewis
Released: June 7, 2012
Level: Intermediate
Certificate: Finish lessons, plus pass quizzes with an average of 70%
Table of Contents

This class covers how to create and publish a podcast using Drupal and the Filefield Podcaster module.

You'll start off by installing and configure the modules you need for podcasting with Drupal. 

We'll then show you how to successfully display and play the podcasts, as well as how to let your visitors download each episode.

The next step will be to use Views to create a page and a RSS feed for the all the podcasts.

With your new RSS feed, you'll use to add the podcast feed to iTunes and track statistics for your subscribers.

Brian Lewis

I got back into Drupal about a year before Drupal 7 was released, so I built a couple of sites in Drupal 6. Then in January I completely switched over to D7 when it was released. Because I decided to make the switch right away, I was running into a lot of bugs/issues that hadn't been resolved yet. So, I started to make videos helping other people with the problems I found.

With the videos I made, I realized that I had shown some solutions, but people still had a lot of questions about edge cases. That was when I saw the light, and had the idea to put together series of short videos covering different topics. This format allowed me go in-depth with each module. I'm glad to be sharing these videos on OSTraining!

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You can build great websites. We can help! Join today and get access to 3118 training videos: Sign up now!

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