Joomla Press

Joomla! Explained is part of Joomla! Press, the official imprint of the Joomla! Project.  

A portion of each book sale is given to the Joomla! Project. Purchasing one these books is an excellent way to learn about Joomla while supporting the project and community!

Here are some of the other books in the Joomla! Press series:

The Official Joomla Book

officialWhereas "Joomla! Explained" is very specific,  "the Official Joomla Book!" provides a much broader introduction to Joomla.


Joomla! Programming

programmingWhereas "Joomla! Explained" focuses on the important basics, "Joomla! Programming" takes you deep inside coding for Joomla. 


Joomla! Templates

jtemplatesJoomla Templates is a complete, authorized guide to template design, development, and customization with Joomla!