Joomla Explained Errata

Process Mistakes

These mistakes might trip you up as you work through the exercises in the book:

  • Page 45: Number 6 should read "For example, click on Title to sort alphabetically or Date to sort chronologically".
  • Page 46: "top-left" should read "top-right".
  • Page 46: The Administrator Components article will appear only if you installed sample data. It you didn't, click New.
  • Page 75: Figure 4.26 should include New Years Day, Mothers Day and Independence Day.
  • Page 81: "with deals" should be removed.
  • Page 97: In Figure 5.36 the external link "" should show as underlined.
  • Page 98: To be clear: Read More links only appear on pages with multiple articles listed. They won't appear when looking at only a single article.
  • Page 100: "insed" should read "inside".
  • Page 110: "Use the image button below the article" should be "Use the article button below the article".
  • Page 110: "Let's add some text to the Airport article." should be "Let's add some text to the Bus Station article."
  • Page 127: Should read: "what your menu should look like at the end."
  • Page 133: If the article options shown don't work for you, try setting # Leading Articles to 1 (instead of 3) and # Columns to 2 (instead of 1).
  • Page 143: "white.jpg" should read "white.png"
  • Page 149: "Go to Extensions, then Contacts" should read "Go to Components, then Contacts"
  • Page 153: "... go to Extensions, Messaging, and then click on Read Private Messages." should be "... go to Components,"
  • Page 155: "Name" should be replaced with "Title" and "contact form" should be replaced with "news feed".
  • Page 157: If you click on the Help button under the Redirect Component in the backend of Joomla!, you will read that this component only works when Apache mod-rewrite is enabled. Some sites will not have this enabled.
  • Page 162: Figure 7.32 shows 8 Web links. You will have 4 - all in the Links category. The rest will be added later beginning on page 172.
  • Page 166: "Footer Right" should read "Footer Middle" and "Inside the Footer Aquarium Banner" should read "Inside the Footer Museum Banner". The instructions here are correct.
  • Page 169: Should be
  • Page 176: In Figure 7.51, News should be Joomlaville News.
  • Page 195: "Login Forum" should read "Login Form".
  • Page 217: The module position for the search box is position-0 rather than top.
  • Page 278: Figure 11.39 has some incorrectly labeled module positions. The text on Page 279 does contain the correct details.
  • Page 279: "We had to move all of our modules around and also edit the code to use our own logo." There was no need to edit code because the informaton on editing logos was moved to Chapter 13.
  • Page 292: should be
  • Page 295: The bullet point Family (Category) should be a top-level bullet point.
  • Page 348: The last two rows of image 14.14 were cut off in publication.

Version Updates Changes

This book was written in early 2011 using Joomla 1.6. The book works perfectly with Joomla 25also but are some small changes to be aware of.

  • Page 274: The Phoca Rhein template is not under the 1.6 Joomla template section. It is under 2.5.
  • Page 262-263: The Simple Image Gallery Module no longer uploads it's own images. Choose your own by choosing a folder from the Image directory option.
  • General: was redesigned in November 2011, so all screenshots will be slightly different