Joomla Explained: Chapter 6

Sample News Article 1

There was some big news in Joomlaville recently. Construction of a large new project called 1.6 was finished.

It took the effort of many people in Joomlaville to complete but it was worth the effort. In fact, you're looking at 1.6 right now. What do you think?

Newspaper Image

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Sample News Article 2

Did you know that Joomlaville is one of the fastest growing cities around?

Every day lots and lots of new people are moving to Joomlaville, attracted by the low cost and high quality of living. Why don't you pay us a visit and see if you'd like to join us?

A house

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Sample News Article 3

Joomlaville is a busy place with events going on all the time.

Almost every month you'll find more and more Joomla events happening. Be sure to check regularly to see if there's an event you'd like to attend.

A man pointing to a chart

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Sample Parks Article 1

Lake Park is right on Joomlaville Lake. There is a boat ramp if you want to take your boat out. There is it also aa small picnic area, playground, nice views, and good fishing from the banks of the lake.

A small boat on a trailer being pulled out of the lake by a pickup truck

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Sample Parks Article 2

City Park is a small park just off Main Street. It has picnic tables with grills and nice views of downtown. People from local businesses often come here to relax or have lunch. There are also tennis courts for people who want to play during the summer.

Tennis racket and two tennis balls on a tennis court

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Sample Parks Article 3

Wood Park is located off the major highway in Joomlaville. There is a playground and picnic tables. It has two picnic tables in a beautiful secluded area with gorgeous views of the lake, and then a couple more picnic tables more set off in the woods.

A picnic table under some trees

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Creating the About Joomlaville Menu

Step 1: Categorize:

  • Go to Menus, then Menu Manager.
  • Click New and put About Joomlaville Menu into each field, then click Save & Close.

Step 2: Add:

  • Go to Menus, then Main Menu
  • Check the boxes next to your City Overview, City Location and City History links and use the area at the bottom of the page to move them to the Transport menu.

Step 3: Show:

  • Go to Extensions then Module Manager.
  • Click New in the top-right corner and you’ll click Menu inside the pop-up.
  • Set these options:
    • Title: About Joomlaville Menu
    • Select Menu: About Joomlaville Menu
    • Position: Position-7.
  • Click Save & Close and then click View Site. You should see your new menu on the left-hand side of the site.