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We're delighted to present the best-selling and best-reviewed Joomla book.

The Joomla Explained series has been a huge success because it makes Joomla easy.

The most popular Joomla book

Joomla! now powers tens of millions of websites of every size and type. But many beginners find it confusing, and most Joomla! books are too complex to help.

Joomla Explained is the solution.

If you are a Joomla beginner, this book will teach you everything you need to know--and nothing you don’t need to know!

You follow clear step-by-step instructions to build real Joomla! sites.

Since its release in mid-2011, the Joomla! Explained series has produced the best-selling and best-reviewed Joomla books available. 

Join tens of thousands of others in learning how to use Joomla!

What do you need to learn from Joomla 3 Explained?

Joomla Explained requires absolutely no experience with Joomla, content management, website construction, programming, scripting, or even HTML.

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Joomla 3 Explained: Chapter 13

Joomla 3 Explained: Chapter 13

Joomla 3 Explained in Higher Education

Many colleges and universities have adopted Joomla Explained as a course textbook.

Here are suggested details for a course based around Joomla and the book "Joomla! Explained".

1. Course Names

  • Introduction to Joomla
  • Introduction to Content Management Systems.

2. Course Description

Covers basic content management system concepts. Students learn how to build, design and manage Joomla and how to implement it for personal and business websites.

3. Student Learning Outcomes 

Students will:

  1. Understand what a Content Management System is and how it differs from traditional, flat websites
  2. Select the appropriate server environment and be able to install Joomla's files and database
  3. Successfully organize and present content in Joomla
  4. Select and integrate extra Joomla features from various sources, understanding the difference between different types of extension 
  5. Modify the appearance and layout of Joomla websites
  6. Understand potential threats to CMS websites and understand how to protect and backup such websites

4. Outline of Subject Matter

Course subject matter is directly aligned with Student Learning Outcomes. The number of the corresponding SLO appears in parentheses after relevant content:

Each chapter can be considered as a unique unit:

  • Unit / Chapter 1: Joomla and CMSs
  • Unit / Chapter 2: Planning
  • Unit / Chapter 3: Installations
  • Unit / Chapter 4: Site Admin
  • Unit / Chapter 5: Content
  • Unit / Chapter 6: Content Editing and WYSIWYG
  • Unit / Chapter 7: Menus
  • Unit / Chapter 8: Components
  • Unit / Chapter 9: Modules
  • Unit / Chapter 10: Plug-ins
  • Unit / Chapter 11: Templates
  • Unit / Chapter 12: Extra Extensions
  • Unit / Chapter 13: Users
  • Unit / Chapter 14: Site Management

5. Assessments and Grading System

  • The whole book would make an ideal class project which can be graded.
  • For a final class project, ask students to build a small site for the city they live in.

6. Suggested Plan for Course Units

  • For a 10 week course: Use units 1 to 14, but combine four units. For example, combine 1 and 2, then 5 and 6, 9 and 10, 13 and 14.
  • For a 12 week course: Use units 1 to 14, but combine four units. For example, combine 1 and 2, then 5 and 6.
  • For a 14 week course: Use the units in order from 1 to 14.

Joomla 3 Explained: Reviews

“The number one position is a suitable spot for this book, and almost any Joomla user– from absolute beginners to seasoned experts–can extract valuable information from this book.”

  • Theo van der Zee

“Steve Burge started his business at the same time I did back in 2007. Over time, I’ve seen him struggle and succeed with different initiatives, but the following things were always constant: his honesty, business persistence, and true leadership in the Joomla! Open Source community. We’ve been a satisfied customer of ostraining.com since its initial launch and would highly recommend his work.”

  • Ogy Nikolic, CEO, OGO Sense

“Finally! A Joomla book for non-geeks.”

  • Charlie Sasser, R.E. Mason Company

Joomla!® 3 Explained, Second Edition, is both comprehensive and thorough . . . a fantastic resource for Joomla users everywhere!”

  • Jonathan Gafill, CEO, CloudAccess.net

“This is an excellent resource for the web developer new to Joomla . . . a great book both to start with and to keep on hand as a reference manual.”

  • Les Platz, Web Developer

Joomla!® 3 Explained, Second Edition, is a book I’ve recommended many times. In plain English, Stephen makes it easy to learn material that could otherwise be a daunting challenge. For those building a site for the first time, and for those completely new to Joomla, I can’t think of a better starting point.”

  • Scott Wolpow, Founding Board Member, NYC Joomla! Users Group, and CEO, Netalytical Inc.

“Having taught college-level computer science and programming courses, I can only express my admiration for the organization and didactic techniques Burge has used in this book. I would recommend it highly to anyone interested in learning the basics of Joomla.”

  • Gary Albers, Website Designer

“Overall this is a really good introduction to Joomla for the absolute novice. If you’re a site admin suddenly told that you’re looking after a Joomla site, then this tutorial is a great place to turn to.”

  • Pan Pantziarka, Publisher of TechBookReport

“The book is as complete as you could desire for a beginning book, and if you master it you will be building websites in their totality. It is simply the best out there.”

  • Bill S., Tokyo Joomla User Group

“The final verdict is that this is one of the best introductory books on Joomla I have encountered.”

  • Ian Elliot, IProgrammer, Reviewer
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