Drupal 7 Explained Updates & Errata

Important Changes

These are changes that have happened to the modules since the publication of the book. They may impact your use of the book:

  • Page 200: Flag now comes with 3 boxes to enable. Please make sure to enable "Flag Bookmark". Please also find the Display Options and check the box ""Display on full content view mode".
  • Page 210: Webform now requires the Views module.
  • Page 221: TinyMCE have released version 4, but the Media module is not yet up-to-date. Please use TinyMCE 3.
  • Page 377: The Cycle download has moved. Try this link: http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/faq.html


These are typos that probably won't impact your use of the book.

  • Page 56: Image 4.10 and 4.11 are identical. Figure 4.10 is correct, but Figure 4.11 should show the "type" dropdown being used.
  • Page 70: Image 4.34 is incorrect.
  • Page 120: Step 12 should read Click User Groups not Click Sites
  • Page 122: Step 12 should read Click Companies not Click Sites
  • Page 139: Fig 6.17 machine name is wrong should be "field_sites_topics" not "field_site_topics" (see step 4 above and fig 6.19 on following page)
  • Page 144: Step 5 under "Editing a Field: Body" should say "Company Name" instead of "Site Name"
  • Page 144: Step 4 should say "Choose Image: field_image (Screenshot)"
  • Page 151: Step 4 Add Link Field first bullet says Label: Site; Fig 6.35 then shows label as "Link"
  • Page 151: Creating New Companies Content step 2 - should read Click Companies not Click Sites
  • Page 151: Creating New Companies Content step 3 - first bullet "Company Name" not "Title"
  • Page 154: "Go to Structure, Content Types, and click Manage Display" should read "Go to Structure, Content Types, and click Manage Fields"
  • Page 157: "Choose Autocomplete term widget (tagging)..." Should read "Choose Link"
  • Page 172: "Edit the Title field label so that it reads Event Name." should read "Edit the Title field label so that it reads User Group Name."
  • Page 196: The Printer, Email and PDF module has been updated. Make sure to enable the "Printer-friendly pages UI" part of the module and don't worry about the options under "Configuration".
  • Page 204: Make sure to click "Allow users to vote on their own content." when setting up Fivestar.
  • Page 206: Should say Click Browse Available Tokens at the bottom of the Content Paths block.
  • Page 209: Step 3 and 4 should be done first, before doing Step 1 and 2.
  • Page 212: Should read "Click E-mails, and you can choose where messages from the form will be sent."
  • Page 223: The instructions could be clearer. You will need to move up and down between folder levels. For example in Step 9, the location is /sites/default/files/
  • Page 239: Fig 7.68. The bottom left section of the Drupal modules screen should be labeled Information, not Introduction
  • Page 252: Page 252: Step 1 item should say site_map, Not IMCE. The correct link is https://www.drupal.org/project/site_map
  • Page 254: Fig 8.14 is a little premature. It includes a forum link when that is actually created in the next section.
  • Page 259: 5th bullet should say "rises to the top" not "rises to the bottom".
  • Page 318: Step #2 should say, "Click Configure next to the New forum topics block."
  • Page 359: In the paragraph at the bottom of the page, where adding 2 fields is discussed, it refers to the "Authored by" field. This should be the "Content:Topics" field
  • Page 361: Item 4 in the first block of text should read "Content:Post Date" and not "title".
  • Page 375: Bottom of page. Item 6 iis "Add and configure filters criteria" rather than "Apply (All Displays)"
  • Page 375: Item 8 is "Apply" rather than "Apply (All Displays)"
  • Page 378: Under Create an Image Style Item 5 should say "250 for height", it currently repeats width.
  • Page 392: Fig 12.12 is correctly labelled "The articles layout" but the picture is wrong 
  • Page 402: In the Install Panels section item 3 reads "...in the Page Manager area". This should say "..in the Chaos Tools suite area"
  • Page 407: Item 23 should say ""Click Finish".