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wordpress 4.1It seems like only a few weeks ago that WordPress 4.0 shipped.

Well, the WordPress team are moving quickly, and version 4.1 is now due on December 10th.

Not surprisingly, given the short time-frame, there won't be many new features in 4.1. One major feature that won't make it is the new REST API.

However, 4.1 does have one nice writing feature, a very cool internationalization improvement, and the new Twenty Fifteen Theme.

Feature #1. Distraction-Free Editing

Distraction-free writing has been an option since WordPress 3.2, but there's every chance that it goes much further in 4.1.

In Version 4.1, as soon as you put your cursor in the text, everything else fades away. Here's how the distraction-free mode appears:


Sarah at WPTavern comments:

"reaction to the new distraction-free writing mode has been mixed, with the most vocal feedback coming from those who are not looking forward to turning the feature off on multiple sites. WordPress core contributors will be gathering feedback during the beta period in order to determine whether or not the new DFW mode will be shipped as “on” by default."

Also in the editor is a smaller change. When you select an image, you now get alignment options in addition to an editing button:


Feature #2: Super-easy language installs

Now this is cool. Version 4.1 removes the idea of even installing a new language.

Go to Settings > Site Language and choose a different language. WordPress will automatically change the language and won't mention anything about an installation while it does so.


Feature #3. The Twenty Fifteen Theme

Twenty Fifteen is a very clean, blog-focused theme with the currently fashionable over-sized headers:


To me, the theme actually looks better in the mobile view. Maybe this shouldn't have been a surprise to me as the designer, Takeshi Irie says he used a mobile first approach in the design.


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