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How to Embed Wistia Videos in Gutenberg WordPress

Wistia is a very cool video marketing service. It has a lot of features designed to make it easy to use videos in your marketing.

With the EmbedPress plugin, you can add Wistia video embeds to WordPress, using just a URL.

Wistia embeds are possible in WordPress, but they’re not easy to use via normal methods. With EmbedPress, you don’t have to mess around with embed code. All you need is the Wistia video URL.

Here’s how to embed any Wistia video into your WordPress site, using the EmbedPress plugin.


Before you can embed your Wistia video, you need to get the URL for the video. Go to your Wistia.com account and find the video you want to embed, as in the image below:

wordpress video in wistia

Find the URL of the Wistia video, taking it from the browser bar. Please make sure that this video is viewable if you are not logged in to Wistia. Try opening another browser and visiting the URL. If your video is set to be “private”, then it can not be embedded.

wistia video url

Now you have the Wistia video URL, you can add it to your WordPress site.

  • Go to your WordPress site.
  • Edit a post or page.
  • Click theh + icon to add a new block.
  • Choose the “Wistia” icon in the “EmbedPress” area.

gutenberg blocks

Enter the URL for your Wistia video:

wistia gutenberg blocks

Your Wistia video now will be embedded, as you can see in this screenshot:

wistia gutenberg embed

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