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How to Perform a Backup of Your WordPress Site and Store It in Dropbox

As a web developer or a site builder, you know that there is always something that could go wrong with your site. As an example, here are some scenarios:

  • the site crashes after a core or a plugin update
  • the site got hacked and all information is lost
  • the server crashed and it is not possible to restore the database of your site

Those are all external circumstances and you do not have influence over them. However, making a periodic backup of the codebase and database of your site and sending it to a cloud storage service like Dropbox can help to minimize the impact of such incidents. 

The UpdraftPlus WP plugin provides this functionality.

Keep reading to learn how to use this plugin!

Step #1. Install the Plugin

  • Click Plugins > Add new
  • Type easy table in the search box.
  • Choose the UpdraftPlus plugin.
  • Click Install Now.
  • Click Activate.
  • Click Plugins - WordPress Easy Image Collage

Step #2. The Plugin Settings

You will be redirected to the Plugins page. 

  • Click on Settings or click the blue button (you will see a guided tour the first time you install the plugin)
  • Close the popup with the guided tour

190925 easy image collage 004

  • Set the frequency of backups to Weekly
  • Choose to retain 4 backups

191007 wordpress backup 003.0 

  • Scroll down and choose your preferred storage service. I’m choosing Dropbox. 

Hint: You have to be logged in to Dropbox to be able to connect your site and send the backup files.

191007 wordpress backup 003.1

Next, you can include or exclude the files you want to back up and to send to Dropbox. The defaults are ok here. 

If you have a file or folder called restore191007 inside your codebase and you do not want to back this folder up, then add an exclusion rule.

For example:

  • restore191007


  • restore*

191007 wordpress backup 004.0


The last 3 options are available for the Pro version of the plugin. 

  • Click Save changes

191007 wordpress backup 004.1


You will be prompted to access your Dropbox account. 

  • Click Accept
  • Click Allow

191007 wordpress backup 005

  • Click Complete setup

191007 wordpress backup 006


The backup process will start automatically.

191007 wordpress backup 007

The backup files will be stored in Dropbox. This is not a copy of your site. These are encrypted files with which UpdraftPlus can restore the site on its location.

191007 wordpress backup 008

191007 wordpress backup 009

Step #3. - Restoring the Backup

To restore the backup, do the following steps: 

  • Click Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups  or click the UpdraftPlus > Backup/Restore link on top

191007 wordpress backup 010


  • Scroll down to the list of performed backups
  • Select the backup you want to restore, according to the backup date
  • Click Restore

191007 wordpress backup 011

Other Plugin Options

The plugin has other configuration options grouped into tabs. These additional settings are available for the premium users of the plugin. 

Furthermore, there is an additional tab with general information and advanced configuration options. You can even control the whole backup activity of all your sites through a central dashboard (this service is provided by UpdraftPlus).

191007 wordpress backup 012

Performing a backup of the site is one of the most important and often forgotten tasks of a web developer or site builder. Take a look at this plugin and tell us your opinion in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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