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This tutorial will show you how to move a WordPress site from one folder to another.

In our example we're going to move the WP site from a folder called /blog/ and place it in the root of our site. That means that instead of accessing the site from http://example.com/blog/ we can now go directly to http://example.com.

Step 1) Change Your General Settings


Login to your WordPress site and go to Settings >> General.


We're going to change the "WordPress address (URL)" and "Site address (URL)" fields. Change them from their existing location as shown above to the new location as shown below:


Step 2) Move Your WordPress Files


The second step is to login to your WordPress files and move them from the old folder to the new. If you're using FTP software this will be as simple as dragging-and-dropping them to their new location.

Step 3) Reset Permalinks


The third and final step in moving most WordPress sites to reset your Permalinks. Login to your WordPress site at the new location and go to Settings >> Permalinks. Save your Permalinks using the same structure as you were using at the old location.