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wp-crop-imagesWordPress is famous for being easy to use, but some features can still be confusing.

We find that cropping images is one thing that frequently confuses users.

Here's a quick guide to cropping photos in WordPress:

Step #1. Select the photo


Step #2. Click the pencil in the photo


Step #3. Click the Edit Original link


Step #4. Select the area of the photo with your mouse

This is the step where people often get confused.

With the other image changes such as rotate, you click the button first.

However, with cropping, you first need to select the area of the image with your mouse, as below. Is the area that will remain after the image is cropped.


Step #5. Click the Crop button

Now you can click the Crop button to make the changes that you selected in the previous step.


Step #6. Click the Save button

Finally, don't forget to click the Save button to finalize your changes:


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