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3 Options for Contact Forms in WordPress

One very popular WordPress beginner question is "How do I create a contact form in WordPress?".

When you search for a contact form plugin in the WordPress directory, you get over 258 pages of entries returned.

So, the real question isn't so much "How do I create a contact form in WordPress?" but "Which plugin do I use?".

We have some recommendations for you:

Option #1: Gator Forms

  • Plugin Name: Gator Forms
  • WordPress.org link: click here.
  • Website link: GatorForms.com
  • Cost: Free, with a single premium version: "Gator Forms Pro".
  • Distinguishing feature: Flexibility. Gator Forms offers at least 5 different layout options
    • Shortcodes: Place your form inside a Post, Page, or any other text area in WordPress.
    • Tabs: Show a tab on the outside of your site. Visitors click the tab and see the form.
    • Buttons: You can create a button that users click on to activate the form.
    • Widgets: Place your form inside a WordPress widget and then display it in your site’s sidebar.
    • Hidden: Visitors don’t see the form at first, but they trigger the form by performing an action.

gator forms

Option #2: Ninja Forms

  • Plugin Name: Ninja Forms
  • WordPress.org link: click here.
  • Website link: NinjaForms.com.
  • Cost: Free, with a lot of premium add-ons available.
  • Distinguising Feature: Ease-of-use. Ninja Forms has a really nice admin interface. You can quickly drag-and-drop all your fields into your form.

ninja forms

Video on using Ninja Forms, taken from the WordPress Beginner Class:



Option #3: Contact Form 7

  • Plugin Name: Contact Form 7.
  • WordPress.org link: click here.
  • Website linkContactForm7.com
  • Cost: 100% free.
  • Distinguishing Feature: Popularity! Contact Form 7 is an extremely plugin, having been installed on over 5 million sites! There are a number of addons written especially for this plugin that give it more features. You can find them by searching the WordPress plugins directory for "contact form 7".

contact form 7

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